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DIY Heart Stud Pieces

DIY Heart Stud Pieces

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DIY Heart Stud Pieces
*These bags are randomly scooped and could include any of the heart stud fronts, that we use in our shop (even some not pictured). Not all pieces will pair up and no hardware will be included. Additionally, some pieces may come masked on one or both sides - you will need to peel the masking before painting/assembling. 

Amount: 1 scoop = mimimum of 40 pieces (approx. 20 pairs)
acrylic, wood (mostly acrylic)
laser cut, patterned acrylic, patterned wood
 these are made from scraps - they will be 99% useable, but may contain some flawed pieces 

Please Note: *This image is a sample. *Laser cut items may include light charring/soot marks. *Items may also have a strong "smoke" smell upon arrival, as the process to cut them involves burning the material - smell will lessen over time. *Colors may vary based on your screen.

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