About Us

    OllieBug Tot Shop is a Mama owned and operated business. Named after my two boys Oliver (Ollie) & big brother Cameron (Bug). I originally started making paci clips and other things as a hobby while I was pregnant with Ollie to help pass the time as I was unable to work. What started out as a hobby soon turned in to a full business! We have since expanded to offering a variety of products for our customers - including completely custom signs and decor, hand made - in house.
    Starting this business has been such a blessing for us! I have several autoimmune issues and soon after we found out that I was pregnant with Ollie, I had no choice but to quit my job, and stay at home because I just couldn't physically or mentally handle it at the time. I was working in a field that I loved and had been doing it for quite some time, but adding pregnancy on top of the other issues that I face each and every day - it was not the best choice to continue working traditionally.
    Running my own business offers my family and I the flexibility that we have always needed. I can stay at home with my children, make it to every school event for my oldest, and -most importantly, for my health- I can work at my own pace & take breaks when needed at any point in time. Having this kind of flexibility is something that I would never be able to get while working a traditional job.
    I have always worked, so making the choice to stay at home was not an easy one for me. I knew I had to do something... Not being able to contribute financially to my family was driving me crazy!
    Ollie was born in August 2020 & soon after that, OllieBug Tot Shop was officially launched! We continue to grow each and every day & we can't thank our customers and supporters enough for supporting us!
Christine Cassidy, Owner